Trip across the Multiverse
It's christmas again! by GalacticPotato
December 26th, 2018, 2:47 am
It's been a whole year since i started the comic, and i just wanna thank the little people that follow me around here a quick thank you and a big hug, best wishes to everyone
Christmas stuff by GalacticPotato
December 24th, 2017, 7:02 pm

Have a merry christmas and all of that stuff
New cover by GalacticPotato
December 16th, 2017, 12:32 am
Just a quick little update, i changed the cover of the comic on it's smackjeeves profile to reflect the newer character designs.
New update schedule by GalacticPotato
December 12th, 2017, 6:57 pm
Making new pages has proven to be growingly difficult, trying new techinques and making each page more special and generally "better" is getting VERY slow.

I have to say, making two pages a week will NOT be possible again.

I have been thinking a lot about how the new schedule should be organized, one weekly page should be fine. I'm thinking on uploading on thuesdays.
New page 4/12/2017 by GalacticPotato
December 4th, 2017, 5:31 pm
Just in case anyone was wondering, yes, a new page will be uploaded in a few hours
Character redesign teaser by GalacticPotato
November 30th, 2017, 9:33 pm

Last time i uploaded i wrote something about charcter redesign, well, that something is here.
After playing arround with the whole concept, i drew and drew again untill i got something i liked.

In this image, you can see how Trip would like like in this new style: esentially, i made his head smaller and more rounded, i changed the whole look of his face to make room for more creative expressions, and more human-like features, i thought this would make him a little more relateable. Also, as a 22 year old man, i thought he looked to childish.
I chose the first pannel of page 5 because i liked how the charcter looked originally and wanted to see how it looked after a redesign.

I should state, if this whole redesign thing gets into the comic, i will NOT go back and remake the pages already done, mainly because i don't want to get stuck in a creative loophole or something like that

I will probablly upload an image of another charcter wit this new look soon.
Either if you like it or not, please, tell me why in a comment. I want to make my comic apealing to many people, not only to furries (no offense to any furry readers) but also people that like sci-fi, action and all that good stuff.
News on delays and the last week of November /first day of December by GalacticPotato
November 29th, 2017, 6:21 pm
Hey, I'm Galactic Potato, the only guy behind Trip across the Multiverse.
I'm writing this update to tell you, the few guys reading my stuff, why i didn't upload anything last monday.
I have been very busy with my personal life, school and little jobs but most importantly, i have been working to improve the overall quality of the comic.
I'm working with some exciting stuff (at least for me) like 3D rendered backgrounds and character redesigns.
I won't be able to upload this Friday either, but i'll try my hardest to upload next monday.
Schedule and availability by GalacticPotato
November 9th, 2017, 7:32 pm
Trip across the Multiverse is now being uploaded in Smackjeeves, but it isn't the only place, you can also read it on:

I upload a new page every Friday and Monday, you can follow me on twitter @MLEmi3004 to stay notified.